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Phoenix Mayor Condems A-hole Cops As ‘Inappropriate and Clearly Unprofessional’ for Drawing Guns and Cursing at Family

*Knowing she and the city of Phoenix has a problem, Mayor Kate Gallego has put out a statement via Twitter regarding the incredibly disturbing, or as we described it, “blood…
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Taraji P. Henson Delivers Emotional Testimony to Congress on Mental Health in Black Community [VIDEO]

 *Taraji P. Henson delivered an emotional testimony before Congress on Friday about the vital need for mental health counselors and education, especially in the black community. The “Empire” star,…
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The Truth About the Hit TV Show Chernobyl: What Really Happened to the Characters Involved in the 1986 Nuclear Disaster and How True Is the Critically Acclaimed New HBO Series?

Chernobyl is the explosive HBO show that has taken the world by storm and scored a higher IMDb rating than Game Of Thrones and Breaking Bad. The five-part series follows…
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