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Study Says, Too Much Salt in Your Diet Can Weaken Your Immune System and Make It Harder for Your Body to Resist Bacterial Infections

Eating a burger and fires twice a day will dramatically reduce the ability of your immune system to fight off bacteria infections, the study discovered. Stock imageEating an overly salty…
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Virtual Reality Video Reveals How Coronavirus Damaged the Lungs of a Critically Ill American Patient in his 50s – Just a Few Days After he Showed NO Symptoms

Doctors at George Washington University created a 360 degree, 3D virtual reality of the lungs of a coronavirus patient in his 50s. The images show the infection devastating his lungs…
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Infectious Disease Specialists Warn Coronavirus Plague Can Survive on Shoe Soles for Up to Five Days – and Reveal How to Clean Them Properly

Infectious disease specialists have warned that COVID-19 can live on the soles of shoes for up to five days, with footwear more likely to carry coronavirus if it has been worn in…
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‘It Is Miserable’: Doctor who Consulted on the Pandemic Movie ‘Contagion’ Reveals he Has Coronavirus, Pushes Back Against Trump’s Easter Deadline of Reopening U.S.

A consultant for the 2011 pandemic movie ‘Contagion’ announced he has contracted coronavirus while pushing back against the idea of reopening the country by Easter. Click here to see more.…
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