US cops who threatened to kill family over ‘stolen doll’ placed on desk duty, triggering more uproar

Phoenix Police Department has drawn even more criticism after the officers, whose “unprofessional†threats to kill parents in front of their children recently went viral, were merely reassigned to “desk…
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A Global Emergency: Psychiatrist Dr. Bandy Lee Explains How the Mueller Report Shows that Donald Trump is Mentally Unfit to be President of the United States

Dr. Lee is a forensic psychiatrist and a leading expert on violence at the Yale School of Medicine. She is also the editor of the New York Times bestseller, The…
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LISTEN: Steph Curry, Part 2: ‘I Went Down to the Altar, and Gave My Life to Christ’ (Gospel Light Minute #240 with Daniel Whyte III)

He is a professional basketball player who currently plays point guard for the Golden State Warriors of the NBA. He played college basketball for Davidson University where he was twice…
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Arizona Family Files $10 Million Lawsuit Against Phoenix Police Dept. After Officers Reportedly Pointed Gun and Yelled Obscenities at Them Over 10-Year-Old Girl Taking Doll from Store

A $10 million legal claim was filed against the City of Phoenix that says police officers committed civil rights violations by pointing guns and profanely yelling commands at the father and pregnant…
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What Went On: North Carolina Sheriff Apologizes to 86-Year-Old Black Man Whom Deputies Tried to Lynch in 1952; Man Says he Wasn’t Killed Because “Jesus Took Over”

On June 13, 2019, Wake County Sheriff Gerald Baker is shown with Lynn Council, 86, who says two deputies hanged him from a tree in 1952. (WTVD)In 1952, two deputies…
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