Twitter Reacts to Tom Brady’s Wild Day During #TheMatch; From Terrible Shots, Splitting His Pants, 28-3 Jokes and Making One Incredible Shot (Tweets-Vids)

Tom Brady has been pure entertainment during THE MATCH. Brady has had a range of emotions throughout the round. He has made some horrible shots, one great one, and split…
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Zabba Designs

Twitter Reacts to Floyd Mayweather, The Ozarks, Daytona Beach & Others Deciding to Take Their Chances Getting The RONA; No Masks, No Social Distancing (Tweets-Vids)

I personally don’t care if someone catches the RONA who chooses to go out around a bunch of people no social distancing or wearing masks. That is your choice. The…
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Cami Cakes

The Internet Detectives Release Video of Doja Cat Chatting it Up Racists; How She Was Stripping For White Supremacists; Leaked Texts Messages & Her Mocking Sandra Bland’s Death in a Song (Vids-Texts-Tweets)

Normally these “cancel” situations, I don’t take too seriously. Rarely do the people actually get canceled. In this situation, though Doja Cat might be in some real trouble after video…
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How Patricia Ripley Tried to Get Black Men Killed By Falsely Accusing Them on Murdering Her Special Needs Son; How She Was The Actual Murderer & Had Tried to Kill The Boy Multiple Times (Video)

White women know that if they want to get away with a crime just blame black men. That will immediately set the cops and community off in the wrong direction.…
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Clark A Is It Just Us Proprietor / Web Developer

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