The Punishment For Given to Grand Valley State OC Morris Berger For Saying You Can’t Deny Hitler Was a Great Leader & He Wish He Could Have Dinner With Him. (Video)

We sadly live in an era now with Donald Trump as president where white supremacists and bigots are free to speak whatever they want and be bold enough to do…
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Staples Center is Considered Too Small For Kobe’s Funeral; Details on How it Might End Up at the Coliseum With an Over 100k Mourners Expected to Attend (Videos)

Michael Jackson and Nipsey Hussle’s funerals were held at Staples Center, but for Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gigi the venue is considered too small. Plans are still in flux…
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LeBron James Releases Statement on The Passing of Kobe & Gigi Bryant in Tragic Helicopter Accident; Speaks on The Last Conversation They Had: “I’m Heartbroken and Devastated”

Sadly, people were harassing LeBron in the social media comments, but he took his time and made a statement when he was ready. He went to Instagram to speak about…
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