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Dennis Rodman On How Bulls Players Like Horace Grant Are Mentally Weak and That is Why They Have a Problem With #TheLastDance (Video)

The Last Dance has now cause a little beef between some of the Bulls that were in the documentary. Former Bulls like Scottie Pippen and Horace Grant weren’t particularly happy…
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Cowboys Twitter in a Frenzy After Rumors of What it Would Take to Trade for Jets Jamal Adams Would Cost Them; Causes WR Michael Gallup to Start Trending (Tweets-Vids)

Here is what we know factually about the Jets and Jamal Adams. This is what we know. The New York Jets and Jamal Adams have reached an impasse in contract…
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Watch Aaron Judge’s Girlfriend Strike Out Asking Cops “Do You Know Who My Boyfriend Is” After Blowing a .181, Claiming She Only Had 2 Cups of Moscato; Twitter Reacts (Vid-Tweets)

Yankees star outfielder Aaron Judges’ girlfriend Samantha Bracksieck pulled the famous slogan of entitlement and privilege during a DUI stop back in February . When pulled over by local authorities in…
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Joe Biden is Going to End Up Handing Trump the Election on a Platter By Not Understanding We Aren’t a United as MAGA; The You Ain’t Black Joke is One Example (Tweets-Vids)

Joe Biden told a joke. It was a bad joke, wasn’t particularly funny and understandably is offensive to some. With that being said in the scale of Trump and Biden…
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Volleyball Player Turned IG Model Kayla Simmons Details Her Bad Experiences While in College; How School Administrators Tried to Stand in The Way of Her Posting Thirst Traps (IG-Pics-Vids)

Life for an athlete is never easy, but the life of an athlete who also enjoys sharing scantily clad photos of themselves on social media is even harder according to…
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