How Nets Feel They Can’t Win a Championship With Just Kevin Durant & Kyrie Irving, So They Want to Go After Bradley Beal; Who They Would Have To Give Up In Order To Acquire Him & Would it Make a Difference (Video)

Most people thought that when Kevin Durant left the Warriors the “super team” era was over. Kawhi didn’t join Lebron and Anthony Davis on the Lakers so that helped restore…
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Watch Horace Grant on How it Was Bullsh*t on How #TheLastDance Portrayed Scottie Pippen & Why Jordan Wouldn’t Have Any Rings With Pip; Scottie Has Gone Into Hiding Since The Doc’s Debut (Video)

Horace Grant has not been happy about his portrayal in The Last Dance at all. Michael Jordan accused him of being the team snitch and Horace didn’t take too kindly…
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Zabba Designs

Details On Sheck Wes Being Arrested After Being Pulled Over in The Lambo in NYC; Here is What He Is Being Charged With (Video)

Harlem rapper Sheck Wes has been arrested on Wednesday in New York after a traffic stop. According to TMZ, Wes was driving a 2019 Lamborghini SUV with 3 friends the…
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Cami Cakes

Watch Four Thugs at Home Depot Disregard Social Distancing Rules, Getting In All-Out Brawl with Paint Cans, Shovels & Hoes During the RONA (Video-Pics)

Wednesday May 20,2020 an all out brawl with paint, shovels, and garden hoes occurred in Tampa, Florida between four men which appeared to be all over a couple cans of…
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The Internet Detectives To Figure Out Why Does Jennifer Lopez Have a Kidnapped Man Who Isn’t Alex Rodriguez in The Background of Her Thirst Trap (Pics-IG)

Jennifer Lopez will turn 51 in a little over a month and you wouldn’t be able to tell if Google didn’t let you know how old she was. She works…
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Gary Payton on If He Felt Any Sort of Way About Jordan Laughing Really Hard at the Idea The Glove Locked Him Up in Finals During #TheLastDance (Video)

The stats actually back up Payton. The problem is the Bulls won the series 4-2, so everyone just assumes Jordan was Jordan, but a deeper dive shows it was his…
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