Black honor roll student receives 10-day school suspension for accidentally using fake money to pay for lunch ‘The whole process has been unfair’

An honor roll student at a Georgia middle school who paid for his lunch with the $20 bucks his dad handed him was handed down a 10-day suspension because the…
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Zabba Designs

Question of the day: Why is Karen Pence, the nation’s ‘Second Lady’ teaching at a school that’s clearly anti-LGBTQ+?

Too often, progressives are told to see “both sides†of an issue in an attempt to have a broader perspective. But why isn’t the same said for for conservatives? Right…
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Shades of Mia Mina

‘Black-ish’ executive producer explains the colorism episode and why they chose to unpack one of the most controversial issues in Black families

For five seasons,  ABC’s Black-ish  has been tackling controversial topics in a way that is compelling, humorous and accessible to broader audiences. Tuesday night’s episode was no exception. The Johnson…
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