Justice Department says Donald Trump’s Early Businesses Discriminated Against Blacks; Trumps Made Deal With Urban League to Resolve Dispute

A 1973 lawsuit against Donald Trump and the Trump Organization alleged a pattern of discrimination against blacks—and the Trumps responded with characteristic combativeness. When an African-American showed up to...
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Shaun King Defends Louisville Judge Olu Stevens; Says he Was Removed for Trying to Get Justice for Black Defendants

Olu Stevens by Shaun King It’s increasingly clear that the conservative chief prosecutor in Louisville, Thomas Wine, despises Circuit Court Judge Olu Stevens. After Judge Stevens approved motions that...
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For First Time, Mexican Government Allows Citizens to Identify as ‘Black’… and 1.4 Million ‘Afro-Mexicans’ are ‘Discovered’

A members of an organization who defends the rights of naturalized and Afro-Mexicans light candles during a homage to Malcolm Shabazz at the Angel of Independence monument in Mexico...
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